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 Kannan’s Kaapi factory is spread at eco-friendly  area more than  40,000 sqft at Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. Probat roasting machines and Mahlkonig  Grinders from W.Germany  housed in the factory, are complimented with modern roasting and grinding  which achieve the perfect grain and aroma. Fully automatic chain packaging machines reserve the hygienic and nitrogen flushed packing ensures that strength, aroma and colour are retained until it reaches customer Cups.  A separate Coffee-Lab has been set up to maintain quality and taste at all stages of production. The total production capacity of five tonnes makes Kannan's Kaapi efficiently endowed to service

Curing & processing is when the magic begins

 Once procured, the beans go through a chain of painstaking process like hulling peeling , grading in gravity separators to qualify beans based on size and weight and to remove dirt and impurities and sorting then grading.  Probat roasting Machines  from W.Germany take over the roasting process set at an ideal temperature, slow roasted to bring out its unique flavour and aroma and the much acclaimed bean colour