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Spread over an area of 40,000 sq.ft, a curing house with Probat roasting machines complimented with modern Grinding Machines from Germany are the work-horses of the company which achieve the perfect grain and aroma that each pack of Kannan's Kaapi come with. Latest packaging machines complete the story of optimally roasted and blended seeds, ground for perfection and nitrogen flushed packed ensuring that strength, aroma and colour are retained until it reaches its customer homes.

Curing & processing is when the magic begins

Once procured, the beans go through painstaking cleaning processes to remove dirt and impurities amongst the beans and then graded through gravity separators to qualify bean based on size and weight.

Imported Probat roasters from Germany take over the roasting process  slow roasted for 16 minutes that brings out its unique flavor and aroma and the acclaimed bean colour. An automated process then cools down the beans which are then blended, ground, cooled and packed for the market place.