Coffee is not Kaapi if it is not Kannan's Kaapi About Kannan’s Kaapi

Kannan Jubilee Coffee is one of the premium coffee manufacturers in India for the past 50 years.
Kaapi' the colloquial pronunciation of Coffee in South India is synonymous with the practice of each traditional household preferring its own blend of coffee powder – 100% Robusta, or perhaps with a blend of Chicory or even a range of beans – from with they prepare a further more unique decoction customized for strength and body.

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  • Degree ° Coffee

    Degree ° Coffee

    Price : ‎Rs 130.00
    250 Gms

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  • Institutional Blend

    Institutional Blend

    Price : ‎Rs 200.00
    500 Gms

  • sukku kapi

    sukku kapi

    Price : ‎Rs 50.00
    100 Gms

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  • Peaberry Coffee

    Peaberry Coffee

    Price : ‎Rs 230.00
    500 Gms

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