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Coffee is not Kaapi if it is not Kannan's Kaapi

Kaapi' the colloquial pronunciation of Coffee in South India is synonymous with the practice of each traditional household preferring its own blend of coffee powder – 100% Robusta, or perhaps with a blend of Chicory or even a range of beans – from with they prepare a further more unique decoction customized for strength and body. A unique brass percolation filter is an appendage every South Indian home will own, polished by generations of use. The outcome – aromatic strong coffee served with milk from home-bread, free grazing cows simmered to perfection that gives the Kaapi its body and flavor.


Values, Caring, Anticipating, Inspiring, Evolving.


To strive to continuously he the most reliable instant coffee manufacturer through stringent quality measures, knowledge application and to achieve customer delight by offering delectable experiences and develop satisfied customer base who are our partners in progress.


The Founder

Mr Jayakumar, Founder of Kannan Jubilee Coffee Company, started life as a sales man before he was intrigued by the bean. With a little help from his mother he started blending coffee, home packing and selling it door-to-door, which soon started becoming a product of choice among the die-hard filter Kaapi fans of the brand's home town: Coimbatore. The first exclusive outlet of Kannan's Kaapi as it was soon to be known happened in 1971 and since then there has been no stopping the brand.

In a second avatar, with the second generation Shanker Krishnan joining the enterprise, Kannan Jubilee Coffee started branding its products and stores under the Kannan's Kaapi brand name with the intent of synergizing their kind of offering with the tradition-rich method of preparing homemade coffee blends. This moved the brand from the confines of owned stores to franchises across the region and a product range that today competes with established brands on the shelves of modern and traditional market channels and has even crossed the seas to countries in the Far East and the Gulf. 

After Mr.Shanker Krishnan, the second generation of Kannan Jubilee Coffee Company took over, the brand has grown exponentially to flavour the palettes of its customers in shores beyond. Kannan Jubilee Coffee Company under the Kannan's Kaapi brand name has expanded its offerings with products across different ranges. The brand has moved from the confines of owned stores to franchises across the region and a product range that today competes with established brands. It has reached international shores with Kannan's Kaapi being available in stores in Andamans, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and Ukraine. The next big step is stand-alone cafés across markets.  From the humble days of cycling with coffee packets and selling them at retail stores across Coimbatore to the heady heights the brand has reached today, it has truly been a long and magical journey.